Monday, January 30, 2017

Thermal Pools, Huka Falls, Bungee Jumping, and Lake Taupo

On Saturday we headed towards Taupo to check out a few of the attractions in the area.
(pictures all from Tessa's camera today)

First stop: Some thermal pools from a hot water stream going into the Waikato river.  The water falling is very hot so this pool felt as hot as or even hotter than a hot tub.

As the water mixes with the river you feel little flows of warm and cold mixed.

Next, we went to the Huka Falls.  So much water!  It doesn't fall far but so much water is rushing through a pretty narrow channel here.  There's enough water going over to fill 5 Olympic swimming pools in just 1 minute!

We saw a sign for bungee jumping and a couple of the kids wanted to go watch.  So freaky!  But we got treated to gorgeous views of the river!

We ended the day at Lake Taupo for a swim and we met the notorious sandfly.  Annoying little flies biting that end up being way itchier than a mosquito and a few of us have them all over our feet and ankles.

 Tessa tried out her camera underwater - pretty neat!

And did you know they have black swans here?  Looks so strange to us!

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