Thursday, January 19, 2017

Muriwai Beach

Yesterday we went to the west coast again, this time to Muriwai Beach.  How awesome and amazing it was!  We just stood there in awe listening to the power of the waves and the gorgeous views.  Also very thrilling to observe the gannet colony.  I remember doing a project on gannets as a kid so it was kinda neat in that way too.  I'll have to check when we're home again if I have it :)

Our first view

Seals and penguins live here too but are mostly seen at dawn

My favorite picture of the day
Not the best video but you can hear all the gannets through the wind :)

This one had a little chick under

Check out the blue around their eyes!

And then so much fun on the beach again.  Wind, water, sand, sun...  

No pictures of Lukas and Tessa because they spent the whole time in the waves!  Here's a couple short videos though :)
So much joy and pleasure taken in rolling and crawling in the sand.  I'm sure we'll be finding sand in Sebastian's ears for days!

Before heading home we drove up to the view point one more time.  Such a glorious day!

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