Thursday, January 12, 2017

Piha Beach

Yesterday, after a morning of school we drove out west of Auckland to Piha Beach.  Only about 60kms away but almost 1 1/2 hour drive - roads are so windy here!  And narrow, very narrow.  It was so worth it - what an experience!  Standing at the edge of an immense ocean with huge waves makes you feel very small.  Very humbling and awesome when you think of our God who is in control of something so big and yet cares for someone so small as me.

Our first view of the beach with Lyons Rock

The tide was out so there was a huge expanse of black sand!

Pretty neat rock formation at the end of the peninsula

Tons of fun playing in the sand

The look of getting a face full of salty water :)

So much fun playing in the waves!

Ending the day off with fish and chips on the beach

Our view with dinner - this time on the left side of Lyons rock.  Lots of surfers here.

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  1. Hardly any people to share the beach with either! The best!