Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bleakhouse Road

Oh, and yes, there's a Charles Dickens street here too :)

We're pretty spoiled with this place - our home for the next few weeks.  Beaches and walking trails within minutes and a pool in the back yard!

Some pretty cool rock formations

Our first Hobbit hole...

Awesome panoramic views!

So many different trees!

Sophie under a NZ Christmas tree.  You can just see the last of the red blooms.

close up of a bloom

Got you Sebastian!  He was boasting to me that he always notices when I take a picture and runs away - I proved him wrong :)

And today we bought the van that will hopefully take us on all our adventures - yea!  So glad that's done.  There are so many more choices for a van than in Canada.  Almost all Japanese imports and most very narrow with no place for luggage.  This one should work well for us though!

So amazing and glorious, we're overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to explore this part of God's marvelous creation!

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