Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Devonport, Torpedo Bay Navy Museum, and North Head Historic Reserve

Finally managed to steal the computer away from Conrad :p

On Saturday we drove to Devonport where we peeked in the shops, spending some time in the used book store and a quilt shop!  Fun for us - not as much for the kids - haha!
I found a couple NZ prints.  The bird fabric has a Tui bird on it - we hear this bird as we wake up every morning.
Best plaque ever!
From there we went to the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum.  A great little museum with miniatures of the ships from WWI and WWII.  The kids enjoyed that much more!

We also explored the tunnels and battery on North Head that were built starting in 1885 in response to fears of a Russian attack.  Here's a great fact sheet if you're interested: North Head fact sheet.

Pretty sure the peninsula extending the furthest is Musik Point where we were standing a few days earlier.  

View of Auckland downtown.  
A good place for a photo op; just not in the right mood.  So separate groups it is :)

We've seen this a few times.  It's called a Red Hot Poker or Torch Lily :)

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  1. What a wonderful learning experience for the children (and for you too). Thanks for posting. I looked up the Tui bird. That bird has some interesting calls! Here's a clip on YouTube