Friday, December 30, 2016

1 more sleep!

Our last day before we begin our adventure! Hard to believe that it's just "one more sleep" after such a long time of thinking about and planning. Still feel surreal. Maybe when we're actually on our way tomorrow it'll sink in.

Sebastian's calendar  :)

Cleaning, sorting and packing.  How to decide what we'll need for 6 months?

Kids are all measured - we'll see how much they grow!

My hand sewing project for the trip

The room I'll miss most - haha!



Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sewing Purses

Mom, Anneke (me), and Tessa all sewed ourselves a purse! We all used the same pattern but Mom made hers a bigger size. Tessa and I learned how to put zippers in and how to make a zipper pocket on the inside. Mom tried to convince us it was magic. :)

This is Tessa's. Isn't the fabric so cute?

For my purse I used jean fabric. It was hard to sew the handles because it was so thick. We had to problem solve and add white to the handles to make it work. I kind of like it though. It ties it all together

Mom chose a linen polka dot for hers. The lining is a pretty fabric. The background is cream with purple, gray, and pinkish gold feathers.

Here are some close-ups. Mom got a handmade tag for hers, and I did some embroidery on the back of mine.

Homer the Odyssey - by Anneke & Lukas

Lukas and I did a novel study on the Odyssey. A big part of this novel study was making a map of the Mediterranean with notes about Odysseus' adventures. Dad also assigned us some pretty hard writing assignments. Our final project was to do a dramatic reading from the final two chapters.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Natural Disaster Science Projects

We all did a project on a natural disaster.

This is Lukas' project on tsunamis.  He made an infographic using a program called


Tessa did a poster display on tornadoes.

Sophie's lapbook was on volcanoes.
She also did an experiment.
Lukas and Sebastian made the volcano out of Lego.

I(Anneke) did a power point on how a forest regrows after a forest fire. This is the closest we could get to putting it on here. The animations don't work.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Edmonton Waste Management Center

The building where garbage is turned into methanol

The recycling plant

First Quilt

The first sewing project the girls worked on was this lap quilt for a special lady in our church going through a tough time.  It was pretty special to work on something together and think and pray for her while we made it.

So much concentration!

Pumpkin Carving

Working Hard!

Telus World of Science

Corn Maze

Jumping pillows - so fun!

Sophie could spend all day with the animals! 

Getting outside in St. Albert

Tante Anneleen came to visit for a week and a half.  So nice to spend time with her!

No visit would be complete without visiting some historical sites.  We visited the Heritage Museum here in St. Albert and walked the Founders Walk (

Little White School in the background

The site of the first school in St. Albert

Early October Snow!

Tessa's Turn to Cook

 Egg rolls and chow mein with sweet chili sauce - yum!


First Day!

Pastel Art - "God is Omnipotent"


Poor injured bird