Thursday, January 26, 2017

Moving on...

We've enjoyed our last few days here on Bleakhouse Road and are excited to be moving on a little ways south to Mangakino, which is a tiny little town where we can explore both Rotorua and Lake Taupo areas.

The last few days in pictures...

A walk nearby in Mangemangeroa Park.  Lots of beautiful native trees here and birds singing.

Yesterday we went to Ambury Park - a working farm.  The kids had fun (trying to) herd sheep :)

I think Lukas has a bit of sheep dog in him - although he needs some training.

Surrounded by ocean and on volcanic rock makes for a pretty neat landscape.

Mangrove trees grow in the salty silt.  Very interesting plants!

The volcanic rock is so porous and the land is super fertile and mineral rich from the volcanic ash.

When we first arrived I was surprised at the brown grass all over when it had been fairly rainy.  It's because the soil layer is so thin on top of the volcanic rock so it dries out really fast.


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  2. Oh that third picture! With the sun glare! I love these posts...