Monday, January 9, 2017

Back to work...

On Sunday we enjoyed worshiping right here in Bucklands Beach at the reformed church a few minutes away.  Such a beautiful thing to be able to join fellow believers in praising our Lord across the globe.

Today we started with a little school work again.  Time to get back at it so we can get what we need to done while we're here.  Then this afternoon we headed to Maraetai Beach for a picnic supper.  A few waves to play in that was fun but a few of the kids ended up with bloody feet from the sharp shells and rocks - oops!

Relaxing after work - yes, despite what it looks like this guy is getting some work done :)

So thankful for these shoes!  More comfy than my runners and my winter feet can't handle my flip flops for lots of walking yet.

The camera lens had a smudge on the left today :(

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