Friday, January 20, 2017

Around Bucklands Beach

We've done some local exploring and sight seeing.  You can see where we are on the lower right of the map by the blue dot.  Walking distance to a couple different beaches and so many more places to check out.  

Eastern Beach is just down the road.  Lots of fun searching for cool shells, playing on a fun rope swing and the other day we found a bunker!

We found a Bunker while on a walk along the beach. The bunker was built During World War 2. It was built in preparation for a Japanese attack. It was going to be used by Army Personnel and Bucklands Beach home guard. Luckily The Gun emplacement was not needed and Bucklands Beach was not attacked. - by Lukas

We've seen lots of these Chatham Island Oyster Catchers.

Musick Point

Musick point is named after Ed Musick who was an aviator. The point is the location of one of Auckland's first radio stations. You can still see the building they used when you walk to the tip of the point. In the next couple pictures you can see Brown's Island and in the background Rangitoto Island - by Anneke

The woman who owns the house we're staying in mentioned this Snakes and Ladders Park a short drive away.  The kids had fun playing a real life game of snakes and ladders!

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