Saturday, March 4, 2017

Westport to Ross

After just one night in Westport we were off again, this time down the west coast.  I think looking back this was one of our favorite drives so far!

We stopped pretty quickly into the drive to search for stones and shells and just listen to the roaring waves.  They were pretty big!  So hard to capture in a picture though.

Who is this kid?!  Posing for a picture - what?!

A little later we took a short walk to a small cove.  Hey gopher!

Amazing rock formations.

A dangerous little beach - you wouldn't want to swim here!

And then a stop to see Pancake Rocks - one of the most memorable sights on the West Coast!

(and again - who is that kid in the middle?)

Layers of limestone and rock where the limestone has eroded away leaving the "pancake" look.  So neat!

The water came crashing through here.

And even more so here.  It was a loud reverberating crash!

See all the faces of animals/monsters in the rocks?

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  1. Sebastian is grinning! And posing! Also, it is super beautiful there :)