Monday, March 13, 2017

A day in Bluff and Invercargill

We stayed a day in Bluff so we could explore the area a bit.  In the morning we drove to the top of Bluff Hill and walked down to the coast to a view point.  

The forest was so neat!

So many stairs...

We could just see Stewart Island in the distance.

Instead of suffering up all those stairs I walked with Tessa and Sophie along the coast to Stirling Point while Conrad, Anneke, Lukas and Sebastian did the climbing and picked us up.  We had the longer walk but much more enjoyable :)

Tuis we keeping us company.

In the afternoon we headed to Invercargill where we enjoyed the museum and botanical gardens.

Meet Henry, the 111 year old Tuatara.  They look like lizards but are a different reptile that only lived here and on a bunch of Australasia Islands.

The Foveaux Strait is one of the most dangerous passages of water!

Stuffed Kiwi...not sure we'll have the pleasure of seeing these nocturnal, shy birds in real while we're here.

The museum had lots of information on all the islands between here and Antarctica.  Giant Albatrosses live on the islands - huge birds!  Actually, they spend 85% of their life at sea and come to land to breed and raise their young.  There is a colony of Royal Albatrosses near to Dunedin.

The old water tower in Invercargill.

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  1. hi this is Layla i think that looks to nice to be a water tower.