Monday, March 13, 2017

Bluff to Oceanview

We left Bluff nice and early on Saturday so we could get to the Cathedral Caves.  Low tide was at 8:30 and they can only be seen then.  Really glad we got to see them - so impressive!

A close up in one of the little crevasses.  Kinda cool!

Walking back to the van we discovered this dinasour...or giant kangaroo?


The giant lost her shoe!

These cows have their own infinity pool :)

The things you see in small towns...

We made a stop at Nugget Point.  Walking to the point - the ocean was a loooong way down!

See why it's called Nugget Point?

Such a dramatic landscape!

The trees all grow formed to the mountain side.

Climbing the hills (in the van) to our next "home".  Beautiful views!

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