Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Waiohine Gorge

We're having a quieter week this week before we head off on Saturday for a couple nights in Wellington and take the ferry to the South Island on Monday.  Lots of planning and booking as we'll be staying in a lot of different places as we make a loop around.

We went to check out Waiohine Gorge yesterday where there's a suspension bridge.  We stopped for this beautiful picture on the way!

We spent a few minutes at the bottom before the sand flies started attacking :p

Lukas a little afraid to go any further but he did do it!  Pretty proud of him as I just gave up and stayed on this side and sent the camera to the middle.

The kids all got a t-shirt souvenir...just to make sure everyone knows we're tourists.

Silly kid - I had to sneak this one of him in his shirt and his is the best!

The last km of the road up to the gorge was closed because a piece fell away.

Or maybe the caution is for these crazies...

It was a hot day!  Haha!


And a couple colleges of normal, everyday life (well, as normal as it can be).

Getting in some school work on the rainy days and most mornings...

Playing, crafts, hairdos and lots of dress up.  The one day was so great with them all playing together, creating some sort of Murder Mystery that needed solving - dead person and all!

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