Friday, February 10, 2017

Around "home"

Our first week in Masterton with the Kloegs was a good one!  

The Martinborough fair, church, meeting lots of people, Mt. Holdsworth, playing in the creek, dinner with new friends, horse rides, rainy days and some school work done, a baby bunny, lots of tears, new shoes, deer...

Sunday morning chats with Mrs. Kloeg

Playing in the river after a short hike

Anneke started it!  ;)

Anneke's face...

Game on!

 The girls all got a little ride on Monday night - pretty special!

Sophie found a baby bunny on the lawn.  She was very worried about it and we convinced her to tuck it under the hedge and hope its mom came to get it but it died.  We had lots of tears the next day as she struggled to figure out why the mom didn't come and wishing she could have fed it etc...  Emotions run strong in this girl!

She buried it in the garden :)

We visited the deer in the deer park in town.  Seems so funny to have deer behind fences when you're used to seeing them only in the wild.

It was a lovely week!  The Kloegs have now left for their holiday and we kinda miss them, although I'm sure they're happy to have some peace and quiet  :)

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