Friday, February 10, 2017

Orakei Korako

We visited one of the geothermal areas the morning we left Mangakino.  We'd seen some geothermal activity in parks and along streams but none of the larger areas (they all have a price tag).  We're so glad we went!  

Our first view from across the lake - we had a 1 minute ferry ride across :)

So many colours!

This is a close up of a tiny rivulet of water - the pink was cool!

See it?

Lots of steam

Just a short walk and it felt like we were in a completely different country.  Cool and damp with a super deep cave.

A view from above.  It's called "Artist's palette".  

Well worth the visit!  We missed the bubbling mud pools due to some major resistance to going anywhere near the "disgusting smell".  Some things are just not worth fighting over ;)

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