Friday, February 10, 2017

Off to Masterton

Last week Friday (Feb. 3) we drove down to Masterton where our next "home" was/is.  It was a gorgeous drive with lots of changing scenery.

Mt. Ruapehu

Mt. Nguruhoe - Mt. Doom in Lord of the Rings
Outside the Military Museum on the Desert Road (Sebastian once again is escaping the picture!)
So many hills!  They look like little bumps but make for very windy roads!

This was taken as we were driving.  The posts weren't actually crooked but the camera captured them that way.

We did about 430 kms, which is a much longer day than when you do that many in Canada!  With all the windy up and down roads it's a long trip at much slower than 100kms speeds.

Our hosts, John and Anneke (nice name!) Kloeg, own a bakery/cafe here in Masterton.  We were treated to dinner there and have had a steady supply of breads and delicious desserts - so spoiled!

We had no idea that "Let's meet John at the Bakery" meant the best place to eat in Masterton! :D


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