Saturday, February 11, 2017

Palliser Bay

Yesterday we drove down to Palliser Bay to see the sights on the southern coast of the north island. So different again!  Very rugged and isolated.  God has created a world with so much beauty!

First we hiked up to view the Putangirua Pinnacles from the top.  We went on a beautiful walk through the bush and then were rewarded with a view of the pinnacles.  Reminded us of the hoodoos near Banff but different sand/rock.

Anyone recognize this from Lord of the Rings?  Here's the scene from the movie.

View of the ocean from the top - the camera didn't seem to be working all that great yesterday so you can't really see it on the picture but we could :(

On the way down again.  Cool trees!

View from the bottom

Taking the river bed on the way back

These were so beautiful!

This was so strange to see.  At least a km from the ocean up the river bed were these rocks with shells embedded in them!

Next we stopped to see a colony of seals.  Amazing!!
How many seals can you spot?

This curious fellow came right up to us - so cute!

Such rugged coastline!

And at the very end of the road where it feels like you're at the end of the world is the lighthouse. The pictures don't do justice to what it really looked like.

251 steps up!  Can you imagine living up there?  Built in 1897 and had someone living in it until 1986.

A view of the bay where all the seals were

So high up!  Not sure why I put myself through these things when I'm so afraid of heights.  The view is worth it I guess!

These beautiful flowers were everywhere!
And because that's not enough pictures here are a few from our drive ;)

Washed out road.

There was a tiny little fishing village there and they use these tractors to pull the boats in because there isn't a harbour.  The fishermen made it fun for all the tourists :)

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  1. So amazing! Thank you for sharing your adventures. We all love to see and we miss you.