Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Coromandel to Auckland

The morning we left Coromandel we went to The Waterworks.  What a unique, fun and funny park for all of us!  Lots of quirky contraptions made from recycled material and hilarious commentary on the signs.  And then a super fun park at the end.

Along the road we were greeted by these friendly "wild" pigs.

We stopped at a pretty waterfall...

And then made our way to the park which was so quiet at this time of year.  All kinds of funky contraptions.

I think Sophie had more fun with the cat than exploring :)

The pendulum is controlled by some sort of water contraption.

Lots of funny signs along the way.

And then the fun park at the end!

Trying to get across the rolling barrels - hilarious!

Gorgeous views of the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula!

And then after 5 months we were back in Auckland!  Funny how something so new and different when we arrived seems so familiar coming back again.

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