Friday, July 7, 2017

Cape Reinga, Sand Dunes and 90 Mile Beach

We had another gorgeous day when we went up to the far north.  It's not hard to be amazed at God's glory on days like these!

Cape Reinga.  Almost the most northern piece of land in NZ.

The furthest landmass you see in this picture is about 3 kms more north but can only be hiked to.

The churning of the water even on a calm day where Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet.

And, just like that, after almost 14,000kms of driving we've seen NZ from top to bottom!

Our next stop was the Te Paki sand dunes.  Way bigger and expansive than we expected - it felt like we were in the Sahara!
Our first glimpse of the dunes

Quite the workout climbing up sand!

The dunes seemed to go on forever!

Trying out the less steep dunes

Brave girls!  This was the steep one.  Seemed to go straight down at first!

The boys ditched their boards and had fun rolling down.

And then a stop at 90 mile beach (which is actually 90 kms not miles) before heading back to our "home" for the night.  We got to see the notorious wild horses.  Not quite on the beach but close enough.

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