Monday, June 26, 2017

Pukehina to Onemana

From one tiny beach town to another.  We started the day by driving into Tauranga and going to Mt. Manganui.  

Beautiful beach once again!  Mauao in the background is an extinct volcanic cone with several historic Maori Pa sited on it.  Lots of surfers out in the water!

 If only the surfers knew there was a soldier shooting at them :)

We stopped to check out a bird garden (which we didn't end up going to) but were treated to an up close view of this peacock.

Katikati - known as Mural Town.

 We arrived in Onemana while it was a bit drizzly but when we walked to the beach the sun was starting to peak through and we saw a beautiful rainbow ending in the ocean.  Just caught a bit of it on camera.

And then...we were treated to an amazing sun set as the waves rolled in.  An awesome end to the day!

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