Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Goodbye Napier!

After 3 lovely weeks in Napier we're on our way again!  We're looking forward to seeing quite a bit more in the next week and a half as we make our way up to the most northern tip of NZ.  

Some last pictures of our time here:

Kite flying in the fields right behind the house we're staying in.  This was a great location for us with lots of room to play and a playground too!

Visiting the Art Deco souvenir shop :)

The infamous possum.  These critters were brought over from Australia in the 1800s as an attempt to start a fur industry.  Little did they know that because there are no predators the population of these animals would rise astronomically and would quickly became pests. Despite trapping, poisoning and shooting there are still over 30 million in the country.

Silly boys...

This guy plays so well on his own a lot of the time but does beg for someone to play soccer or rugby with him or time on the computer.  Pretty well rounded I'd say :)

A walk through the botanical gardens in Napier.  The seasons are so mixed up here and would definitely take some getting used to for someone who moved here from North America or Europe.  It's fall/winter and lots of trees have lost their leaves but at the same time things are being planted, some trees are budding and you can still find flowering trees!

A pigeon house.

Freshly planted primula.

Some silly kids on a pretty bridge.

Some pretty blossoms...

And a souvenir to take home for our kiwi babe - made with New Zealand sheepskin and wool. :)

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  1. Enjoy the rest of your time in NZ. We've been enjoying this blog very much. Thank you for doing it. We look forward to seeing you back home again. Safe travels!