Sunday, June 4, 2017

A week in Masterton

We spent another wonderful week in Masterton at the Kloeg's house.  Everyone was excited to go somewhere familiar and some of us even got teary eyed saying goodbye to the Kloeg's when they left for their trip.  We'll have fond memories of our time here.

We got to sit in on a little bit of oboe trio practice and they even roped Conrad into accompanying on the piano.

John plays a lot of different instruments and has quite a few reed and brass ones that he showed the kids and they could try a few.  Perfect timing for the older two kids as they need to pick an instrument to play in school next year.

One day we went to check out a huge miniature railroad display that a collector and hobbyist has all set up in a barn.  Pretty neat!

One last treat at the 10 O'clock Cookie Bakery and Cafe before leaving Masterton :)

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