Thursday, May 25, 2017

More from Lower Hutt

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay near Wellington in Lower Hutt.  Another beautiful home to stay in with gorgeous views.  Time to see a few of the sights as well as nice walks in the hills, playing at the park and working.

We loved walking in Belmont Regional Park just up the hill from where we were staying.  Conrad went running there quite a few times too.

Melts my heart :)

This picture will remind me of Wendy who introduced me to this drink.  Yum!

 We met up with the family whose AirBnb we stayed in on our two night stay on our trip down to the south island.  Really neat to hear about their travel plans (a lot more adventurous than ours!) and the kids had so much fun playing together for a few hours.

Conrad spent one day at Victoria University in Wellington.  Gorgeous view from the campus!

And one more evening walk before moving on from Wellington...

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