Sunday, April 9, 2017

Our "home" for a whole month!

We are now in Ruby Bay near Nelson on the north part of the South Island.  We are house sitting at a couple's house from church and it's wonderful!  After so much moving around we were very ready to settle and what a gorgeous place to do so!  We've done a couple small touristy things in the past week but have also just enjoyed being "home" spending our time doing a bit of school work again, baking and cooking and playing.

What a view!

Good morning...

Playing chess before breakfast.  Very serious business!

A delicious dinner made by Tessa and Sophie.  So fun watching them plan in the days before, keeping things as secretive as possible from everyone but me.

Abel Tasman Park begins just a half an hour north-west of here.  We had a few days of rain this week but when the sun came out on Friday we drove to Split Apple Rock to check it out.

The sand was layered with black and yellow/orange - very cool!

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