Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sewing Purses

Mom, Anneke (me), and Tessa all sewed ourselves a purse! We all used the same pattern but Mom made hers a bigger size. Tessa and I learned how to put zippers in and how to make a zipper pocket on the inside. Mom tried to convince us it was magic. :)

This is Tessa's. Isn't the fabric so cute?

For my purse I used jean fabric. It was hard to sew the handles because it was so thick. We had to problem solve and add white to the handles to make it work. I kind of like it though. It ties it all together

Mom chose a linen polka dot for hers. The lining is a pretty fabric. The background is cream with purple, gray, and pinkish gold feathers.

Here are some close-ups. Mom got a handmade tag for hers, and I did some embroidery on the back of mine.

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